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The new project manager could not handle the job well so the SC consultants were hired to implement the system and the manager was simply the communicating link between the project team and the SC team.

Obviously, the manager did not play any part while the SC consultants were being chosen had he been more experienced and in tune with the organizational needs for his role he could have played an important part in avoiding the disaster caused by the incompetent SC team. The manager did not understand the project and also the importance of the system to Maxima so he did not manage to communicate well to the SC team and that left the external consultants who were not aware of the internal intricacies of the organization were left on their own to implement the system independently which wreaked havoc later on causing a complete failure of implementation. The manager could not facilitate the SC team to make sure the project is being implemented efficiently throughout the organization due to his lack of experience and vision for the new system. The project team itself did not believe the chosen system Oracle will fit the organizational needs so it was difficult for them to preach the users to commit to the new system.

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Essay: Implementation of ERP and Team Management
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