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The growing importance and attention that corporations are giving to sponsorship is evident from the creation of a special business function and designated staff for special-event sponsorship. Organizations are now becoming interested in obtaining and measuring the tangible return for their special-event sponsorship. This is partially due to the dramatic increase in cost for sponsoring major events. The increase in expenditure and the exposure of major events has led to treating sponsorship no longer as just a form of corporate social behavior but rather as an equal competitor for promotion dollars with the other components of the promotion mix.” (Sandler & Shani, 1989)

The Olympics are considered to be the ultimate sponsorship event and a “series of studies conducted by the American NBC television network in connection with its coverage of Olympic Games which explore how advertising during this event provides special benefits for its sponsors. The study described here found a positive impact on a major Olympic sponsor’s corporate image that, to a large extent, was a result of ‘extra’ benefits resulting from the Olympic sponsorship. (Stripp, 1998)

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Essay: Importance of Corporate Sponsorships
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