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The strategic importance of standardisation/adaptation has attracted a great deal of importance but as Leonidou (1996) argues there is a need for more empirical and practice type of research where advertising is given a major role and other aspects of marketing mix forgotten. As these companies are in emerging markets it will also provide insight where research has elapsed.

But as Lim et al. (2006) asserts international marketing strategy has other two different strategic options which a multinational may pursue, (1) The concentration-dispersion perspective (this has the premise that a firm should seek an optimal geographic spread of its value-chain activities such that synergies and comparative advantages across different locations can be maximally exploited) and, (2) integration- interdependence perspective (this has the premise that firms should treat either its subsidiary units as standalone profit centres, or as part of a grander strategic design).

Multinational companies like the MNE’s in the retail sector and the consumer goods sector e.g. Unilever, P&G and Marks and Spencer, the companies tend to operate in a regional manner in the district and regional markets while reporting to the headquarters in the international market. This characteristic of the MNE’s makes the data management somewhat difficult in the company, as well as creates hindrance in the communication model for the MNEs’s across regions, and international markets. However the global scope of the business as a global enterprise allows there to be a centralized system for data management, command while making it possible for the business to operate in numerous regional as well as international markets. These markets provide a large market share to be available to the company whereby increasing the companies’ revenues. Moreover the integration of the company across the international markets backed by the products as brands creates a much strengthened position for the company in the market.

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Essay: Importance of International Marketing Management
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