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Understanding your customers need and want is the key of selling your product or service successfully therefore the organization have to be consumer oriented.

Some companies however concentrate more on product orientation. They concentrate on developing a better version of the existing product, but fail to recognize that the needs of the customers can be satisfied in a much better manner by different types of products. For example hospitality companies with a product orientation include the famous restaurant with celebrity chef, that serve their customers with what they should think consumer should eat regardless of what the customer actually want. David Bowie (2004 p.13) warned companies that a product orientation could lead to failure.

Finding out what consumer expectation and understanding what factors can influence customer expectation is the most critical step of delivering quality service in order to satisfy the customers. “Customer expectation is beliefs about service deliverer that serve as standard of reference point against witch performance is judge” (Zeithaml, Bither & Gremler, 2006, p. 81) The wrong assumption of the customers needs and requirements and what customer want can lead of losing customers tend to move away form the business towards its competitors in the market. It also can have an effect of increasing the business expenses pertaining to attracting and retaining customers.

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Essay: Importance of Product Customization
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