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The Master of Engineering in Energetic Concepts is a program which can be taken online, further facilitating the employment and the undertaking of the course. The program is specifically designed to “for a career in energetics, a branch of the physical science of mechanics, which deals primarily with energy and its transformations.

Energetics research is the underpinning of the development of explosives and propellants. Energetics has clear applicability to military R&D, including the development of explosives technology, undersea weapons and pilot ejection devices. Other applications are in space exploration, fire suppression, anti-terrorism and cartridge-actuated devices such as door openers and automobile airbags.” (‘JamesClarkSchoolof Engineering – Learn More Go Further’) Moreover theUniversityofMarylandoffers access to the Maryland Energy Research centre. The “UMERC is a multidisciplinary initiative dedicated to advancing the frontiers of energy science and technology, with a special focus on forward-looking approaches for alternative energy generation and storage.”(‘Research’, A. James Clark –SchoolofEngineering)

The prestigiousinstituteofA. James Clarkcan provide me with the resourcefulness as well as the established network and facilitation of progress in the field of mechanical engineering and energetic. As a result in order to further myself in research and application of mechanical engineering for the exploration, mobility and the utilization of renewable fuel, the University of Maryland provides me with the most affluent and beneficial opportunity to achieve my personal and professional prospects.

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Essay: Importance of the Master of Engineering
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