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As firms internationalise their strategic and marketing becomes more crucial to the success in foreign markets. Companies have to engage in successful communication in order to achieve consistency in branding and offer a product/service which people will buy.  Therefore careful planning of strategy and marketing enables to achieve successful result in coordination and implementation across borders.  In literature this is not as easy as the ongoing argument between Standardisation and Adaptation.

The standardisation movement view markets as increasingly homogeneous and global in scope. It is key for survival a growth that organisation has the ability to standardise products/services. (Buzzell 1968) (Levitt 1983) (Yip 1996). Kashani (1989) has been a leading voice against arguing because of inherent complexities and dissimilarities involved in operating in the international market place, particularly as regards macro environmental forces, consumer behaviour, usage patterns and competitive situations, it is more feasible to have a marketing programme tailored and adapted to those individuals needs in foreign markets. (see also (Hill & Still 1984) (Douglas & Wind 1987) According to a study by Vrontis & Kitchen (2005) market entry method has a serious effect in the international marketing effort.

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Essay: International Marketing Management
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