The basic aim of this dissertation discuss the popular model of Toyota Production System and how it can be applied for initiating lean operations in other aspects of operations in the automotive industry. The supply chain management system had been specifically selected as the operation which would benefit from the application of the concepts and the constructs of the Toyota Production System as the supply chain management in general all over the world is being mishandled by the companies. The Australian as well as the American automobile industries have indicated that the inefficiency of the companies in terms of producing more cars in shorter periods which are not demanded by the buyers in the market has lead to depreciation of the finished vehicles and the obsolesce of their parts which increase the cost of maintenance and selling the finished goods by the automobile companies to the market.

The dissertation as a result aims to provide how the lean manufacturing system that is employed by the Toyota Motor Company as per the Toyota Production System can be employed by the others automobile companies operating in the global market to dramatically reduce their costs of operations as well as create an efficient process through which the buyers in the market can be provided by as many finished goods in motor vehicles as demanded by them in a certain period of time. This would help the companies combat against the decreasing trend of profitability and growth that is being experienced by them in the global market.

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Aim of Dissertation on Toyota
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