The subject pertaining to the compatibility problems of the company’s computer network is a feasible topic for an essay but not so for a dissertation. While there is easy availability of information on the topic, as well as the already identification of the problem, the scope of the topic is too constrained. A dissertation is an extensive report on a problem, issue or a phenomena and the small scope of the topic would result in a very weak and unnecessary dissertation.

The above mentioned topic is a very feasible and an interesting topic which can be explored and analysed through a dissertation. The scope of the topic is variant in the specific countries which would be targeted for the purpose of the dissertation and the effect that the bonus scheme has on the turnover of the staff in these countries would provide significant results and recommendations which can be used by the company for formulating better remuneration and compensation schemes which limit employee turnover and increase motivation in the work environment for the company.

The topic pertaining to the appraisal of MS Office with its competitors is a feasible topic for an essay as its analytical, small in scope. A comparative essay can very effectively tackle the topic. As a dissertation, the topic is not feasible as the scope of the topic is very small and the resources that are usually employed in a dissertation would not be suitable for analysing the topic at hand.

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Dissertation Analysis of company’s computer network
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