The main purpose of this dissertation is to compare and discuss the researched studies of psychologists, who have looked into types of conformity, primarily the conformity of adhering to social roles. Through discussion it is hoped to identify if conformity exists due to social and environmental issues of previous generations and whether the current society that is highly technical and with the influence of globalization, has given society more scope to be less conforming, or has this wide spread technology increased conformity.

More specifically the purpose of this dissertation is compare the researches of Reicher and Haslam (2002), against that of Zimbardo et al (1973), the author hopes to show that the cultural changes, that have taken place, over the last 30 years since Zimbardo’s research of 1973, have influence the modern day results of Reicher and Haslam (2002). In order to accomplish this task the various psychological theories of conformity have been analyzed. The varying approaches and theories such as the social identity theory, normative influence and de-individuation theory are also considered in context for this dissertation.

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Dissertation on social Conformity
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