This dissertation focuses on the Toyota Production System and the application of the Toyota Production System on the supply china management for the automobile industry on a global as well as on the regional level. The specific issues faced by the companies and the practices being undertaken by the manufactures to implement lean operations and Toyota Production System in their operations is highlighted. However there are some limitation of the report which pertain to the fact that it only focuses on the implementation of the Toyota Production System in the in the different levels of the supply china management system in the automobile sector only. The same approach is being employed by the health care sectors, online businesses as well as the retail industry. This application of the Toyota Production System can be explored further with research undertaken in the future pertaining to the topic.

Aside from this a trend was also identified pertaining to the interest of the automakers towards the region ofChinaas a fertile and cost efficient region for operations. There is evidence that the companies might be shifting their production operations to China or outsourcing parts of their production systems to small scale manufactures in china. Some companies like the Ford Motor Company have already started taking their operation to china in order to take advantage of low labor and the low costs of operations. The result of this trend can be analyzed in terms of the effect it will have on the methodology adopted for the management of the operations and the supply chain for the automakers. This topic could be further explored in research undertaken I n the future as well.

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Dissertation on Toyota Production System
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