The UTC Plc company provides diverse products through its retail and wholesale stores. The company has varying product lines which include grocery and dairy products as well as electronics, furniture, steel & paper based products, consumer durables, and lifestyle products. However the company has not been able to appropriately brand itself which has resulted in a weak positioning of the company in the market.

The dissertation aims to identify the marketing strategies employed in the global as well as in the regional Nigerian retail industry by the successful players in the industry and how they can be used by retail companies to attain a strong market position. The research will highlight the strategies employed by local and international market leaders pertaining to positioning of the company, the placement of the company products, image building, brand development & establishment as well as creating awareness in the market for the company. The strategies used by the companies for developing and establishing relationships with customers in order to attract and retain the customers will also be analyzed through research.

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Dissertation on UTC Plc
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