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“Martha Stewart built her empire with personal attention to each and every detail.  Whether you like her or not, she was meticulous and demanding.  She was also very successful in her endeavors and in using her autocratic management style.Many industry analysts might argue that it was Martha’s autocratically demanding style that allowed her to flourish in such a competitive environment as the entertainment industry.  Others might argue that even more success might have awaited Martha Stewart if she had not relied so heavily on the autocratic style.” (‘Autocratic Leadership, 2007’)

            Martha Stewart has an impressive fan following which has supported her through out her ups and downs. They see Martha as a mentor as she has been able to stay with her ambitions and objectives while committing her elf to her work despite her time spent in jail. They like her and think of her as their mentor as she “is the same woman who wrestled control of her publishing interests from Time Warner by getting an advance from Kmart, paying off Time Warner in cash (millions of dollars), and then going public with her company, only to make a billion dollars in one day at the market. This remarkably engineered coup is certainly worth admiration, if not outright adoration.” (Giordon, 2003) In 2006 she was rewarded for her continued contribution to the industry and her position as a leader when by the Fortune 500 cited her to be amongst the top 50 most powerful women in the fortune 500 with her company Omnimedia.  (‘Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s Martha Stewart Named One of FORTUNE’s 50 Most Powerful Women’, 2006)

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Essay: A Successful Leader; Martha Stewart
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