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The indication of her success as a business manager and entrepreneur can be seen in the way she has developed a large corporate enterprise out of a small basement run business.She initiated lifestyle based products and service management on consultancy level for the mass public while sharing her views of housekeeping and management that have now been adopted by many ardent fans. She also pioneered brand based marketing for house making and lifestyle management in the 80s when the concept as in its emergent stages and few products and reviews were available to cater to the demand of the market in this niche. Her success as a business entrepreneur came through her television show and magazine by the name of Martha Stewart Living. “She is best known for her recipes, decorating, and entertainment ideas for the home and also created her own line of linens, craft supplies, and decorations. Although she was sent to prison in 2002 for stock fraud, she continues to flourish in both her media and product industries.” (‘Martha Stewart Biography’) Over the period of years Martha Stewart has successfully managed her career as well as her business spanning multiple industries form celebrity based media marketing, endorsement and sponsorships to television based take shows, cooking, home making and DIY shows etc. The concept of entrepreneurship previously was associated with either International companies in the East or with the localUScompanies that were mostly driven by men. Martha Stewart however brought about a type of entrepreneurial business that catered to the needs and the demands of the women while simultaneously showed off her excellent business management skills to make her merge as a business leader.

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Essay: A Successful Manager; Martha Stewart
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