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Martha Stewart is a classic case of a successful entrepreneur who has been able to make a place for herself in the home and lifestyle industry through her management strategies, excellent choice of decisions as well as innovative techniques to relate with her target market.

The name Martha Stewart has become well known as a brand bringing to mind images of her home and lifestyle products, her TV shows and magazines. However there is much more to the person than simply being a spokes person for the female entrepreneur. Through hard work, commitment to her work and business a well as an ambitions goal, Martha Stewart has been able to firmly establish herself as one of the most successful females in theUnited Stateswhile also claiming the title of being of the richest females in theUS.

Even though she worked as a model in her initial years, she took up to stock broking when she was offered a job at Monness, Williams, and Sidel. Her dedication to her work, her aggressive stance towards achievement of objectives and her charisma got her important clients with her time with the brokerage firm. This broke another role that females in the 70s specially were not expected to occupy in the professional/ corporate world. Her following career as a lifestyle author, consultant and the business entrepreneur of the successful Martha Stewart Living enterprise makes her on of the most successful women in power today who has high visibility, popularity level and a large following of customers and fan base that look up to her as a mentor.

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Essay: About Martha Stewart
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