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The purpose of this paper is to highlight a company which has recently changed its strategy and identify the reasons for the change in the strategy for the company. For the purpose of this paper, the article that has been selected is form the Marketing News titled ‘ shifts strategy in the face of competition’. The article was published in March 2008 and provides the shift of the strategy for the company pertaining to its media planning and marketing function. is a company conducting its business activities online on the internet. is an online dating website which provides services to its customers pertaining to enabling them to make their profiles on the internet and connect with other people who are interested in going out for a date. The company is the largest online dating service provider with a significant 20 million members of which 1.3 million are paying customers of the company. was initiated in 1995 and since then has evolved considerably according to the changes taking place in its users and their requirements. The website is now present in customized formats for 35 countries with content published in over 18 languages. The website is owned by InterActiveCorp which is a group of internet business based company.

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