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Academic performance is characterized by the performance of the students on the quizzes, and tests conducted during the course. The behavior or the attitude of the students is depicted in the way they conduct themselves in class.

The more actively they participated the more responsive they are to the teacher depicts a highly attentive student while those who are silent and reserved in the class, entering in little discussions are depicted to be less attentive. The relation of the theory for this research is that the attention level of the students during class attributed by their behavior is an indicator of their academic performance with high attentiveness yielding high level of performance.  Akey provides that the behavior and the attitudes of the students in the school context effect academic achievement. His research depicted that “both prior student engagement and perceived academic competence had a significant positive influence on subsequent levels of math achievement, but the influence of perceived academic competence was three times larger than that of engagement.” (Akey, 2006)

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Essay: Academic Performance and Sleeping in class
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