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Through the use of the balanced score card analysis we have been able to determine that the company is performing well in the local as well as in the international markets. However the trend of performance of the company in the last few years has been declining at an increasing rate.The company as a result is reporting still profitable performance, which however is still less than the previous year’s performance and profitability. The main reasons that have been identified pertain to the lack of diversification of the market as well as the products specifically in the beverage business unit. The company needs to invest in new markets and start operating in them in order to increase the overall market share and profitability. This would allow for a long term solution for the sustainability of the business.

Through the balanced score card analysis we have evaluated the position of the Anheuser Busch company in the industry and have identified it to be a highly strong and established institution. The profit and revenue based ratio for the company are very high and the investment made in terms of innovation, the assets and the employees of the company is providing very high returns as well. However the company needs to make strategic decision in terms of identifying the path of deviation and change from current business policies in order to provide a sustainable business growth for the future which can be long lasting as well as incremental in nature

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Essay: Accomplishment by Company Using Balanced Score Card
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