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The management of the issue as conducted by Merck as a company which is responsible for managing both the interests of the customers as well as the shareholders was flawed in the case of Vioxx.The company had access to research results and evident proof that the Vioxx drug meant for arthritis patients significantly increased the risk of stroke and heart attack in patients by doubling it. However the company continued to disregard the results and be in the denial phase. The company did this in order to not compromise on the profits and the benefits in arthritis relief that was being attained by the customers. This was a huge mistake on part of the company as this makes them more to blame for the incident. The second mistake that the company made was to conduct a recall of the product in an abrupt and sudden manner. While the research had depicted that Vioxx could increase the risk of heart failures, the company should have sought council from the FDA on what alternative actions which could have helped save the reputation and the image of the company without the setback that the recall strategy made to the Merck Company. It almost seems as if the company freaked out and conducted the recall to quickly call back the drug while not searching for alternative actions available.

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Essay: Actions and Strategy on Vioxx Issue
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