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The mobile device based marketing is also cost effective as the chance of the targeted audience reading or viewing the message is very high. This is due to the fact that people tend to carry mobile devices like PDA’s, mobiles phones, and I-Pods with them everywhere they go.

This makes them highly accessible to advertisers and companies pursuing mobile marketing. “Because individuals can be, and often are, connected anytime and anyplace, mobile marketing can be used to collect data through the wireless Internet to determine not only the exact location of a consumer at a given time, but also why that individual might be there. With that information, more meaningful or relevant advertising messages or promotions can be delivered to the consumer on a mobile device.” (Sultan & Rohm, 2005)

Software developed round mobile marketing make is possible for the advertisers and the marketers to determine how many targeted customers have viewed or access the advertisement/ promotional message rolled out using mobile marketing. “The technology allows advertisers to know exactly how many potential customers downloaded sponsored material or opted-in to receive more information.” (Catto, 2007) Additionally the mobile marketing channel can also be used to improve the goodwill of the company. “Going mobile can link your brand with the excitement of interactive mobile applications as well as the affection fans feel for their favourite teams. And that’s a lot of potential goodwill.” (Catto, 2007)

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Essay: Advantages of Marketing through Mobile Devices
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