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The advantages of quality control pertain to establishment of a process which delivers high quality and often standardized outputs. There are reliable in terms of their functionality and characteristics.

Moreover the process is maintainable for quality and safe to employ. In regard to business activities the advantages of quality control can be depicted by the increase in sales triggered from the assurance achieved by the dealers and customers pertaining to the quality of the goods being traded. A standardize output is achieved and waste and inefficiency are minimize reducing costs. Moreover a better wage incentive can also be determined for the compensation of the workers according to the quality of the output produced and delivered to the customers.

Continuous improvement on the other hand is a systematic approach towards improvements which are based on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. The Kaizen approach highlights minimizing waste and perpetual upgrading and evolution of business processes to keep up with the dynamic business envelopments. Continuous improvement is an ongoing activity which aims at seeking incremental improvement in the products, services and the processes in a business. “Continuous improvement, in regard to organizational quality and performance, focuses on improving customer satisfaction through continuous and incremental improvements to processes, including by removing unnecessary activities and variations.” (‘Continuous Improvement’, 2007) The Six Sigma, Lean, and Total Quality Management are based on the concept of continuous improvement

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Essay: Advantages of Quality Control
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