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The industry opportunities pertain to utilizing technology to attain pre-orders for products especially on the case of electronics and books the Harry Potter pre-order sales were one of the main contributors to the emergence of this opportunity online.

The other opportunity that is available to mason operations to Amazon employing the muti-merchant strategy buy which the company would be able to integrate the online retailer for a market segment / category (like apparel) and will be able to target these customers individuals.

The threats that are present in the industry take the form of  to the increase in competition in the industry which I presented by other click and mortar as well as online retailers for different niche of the market. Aside from this the image of the company as a departmental store with only a limited niche pertaining to books can be a threat in terms of long term productivity and growth of the company.

The industry would be impacting the strategy development for Amazon as it would determine the current trends in the industry, the response of the competition and the demands that are presented by the customers.

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Essay: Amazon’s Industrial Analysis
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