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The target market for includes those people who come online for their retail purchase. These people are very technology oriented and want to benefit form the facility of convinince and ease of purchase through the internet medium. Aside from this the target market for also includes music, technology and book enthusiasts.The marketing mix for Amazon consists of the product and service offering that is presented by the company to its customers in the form of different niche based categories. The promotions conducted by the company through formal mass media advertisement channels as well as on the internet medium. The positioning of the company is in terms of its competition and the pricing strategies employed by the company. The company additionally also established a $ 50 million account with Wieden and Kennedy for the development of’s global branding strategy.


The strengths of the marketing strategy of Amazon pertain to its affiliation and its contacts in the industry and the partnerships that it has developed with them over time under the status of the pioneering business. The weaknesses of the strategy pertain to the lack of a proper/ comprehensive image for the company that is present to the consumers. The multiple forms of images presented to the customer tend to confuse it. As a result the customer is only able to remember Amazon as a search engine for books or an online book store. 

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Essay: Amazon’s Marketing Strategy
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