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In order to ensure that the general merchant partners for would not rebel and detract against the music and book based image of the company, will have to establish mutual benefit agreements with these partners.

According to this agreement will be able to launch personalized options of the website for tits strategic and business partners under the umbrella of the Amazon brand name. This will enable the partner sites of the company to have their own target market and audience which they can strategically target through their online operations and strategies.

Amazon’s image can be assessed by developing an online survey based questionnaire which would be prompted at any one who accessing the home page of Amazon. This survey would be available for a small period of time and would be able to gather information from the customers and patrons of the Amazon website as well as the form its prospective market. The questions in the survey would be poll based in the form of a multiple choice. The questions would be as follows. (The questionnaire has been provided in the appendix)

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Essay: Amazon’s Operational Image
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