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An analysis of the service encounter as a drama can reveal the role the customer is playing, the super objective behind their visit to the restaurant, and the unspoken subtext behind critical incidents. The restaurant itself needs to remain in character, presenting a consistent message, for example of hospitableness and generosity” (Morgan et al., 2008)

The areas that need to be explicitly targeted in order to increase the quality at the restaurant pertain to the staff,  who are the backbone of the service sector industry, the food which is the main product of the company as well as the service standard, which needs to be established and maintained in the long run. Aside from this the kitchen operations as well as the reception counters and attendant service needs to be revamped form business process reengineering point of view. The following sections present the actions plans and the specific strategies that would be employed in increasing the quality and the level of service at the restaurant to rebuild the restaurant reputation.

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Essay: Analysis of an Australian Restaurant
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