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“The company recorded revenues of $15,717.1 million during the fiscal year ended December 2006, an increase of 4.5% over 2005. The increase in sales was primarily driven by strong performance of all the segments .The operating profit of the company was $2,719.6 million during fiscal year 2006, an increase of 9.4% over 2005. The net profit was $1,965.2 million in fiscal year 2006, an increase of 12.7% over 2005.” (Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc., 2007)

The claim to fame that Anheuser-Busch has had for its operations and success resulting in the current leadership position that they have in the market pertains to the innovation and the technology that they have employed for the manufacturing, storage and processing of their beverages. The company was the first one to come up with the refrigeration of the beer to store it, the pasteurization of the beer to keep it fresh and extend its shelf life as well as employ the use of technologies like refrigerated containers and railroad cars for the transport and distribution of the beverages. The national beer brand f the United States more commonly known as Budweiser was also launched by Anheuser-Busch who have since its initiation have been able to make the Budweiser bad into an independent international entity.

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Essay: Analysis of financial aspects of Anheuser-Busch
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