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It was predicted that only 1 percent of the volunteers would go all the way in the experiment, however a significant 62 percent of the volunteers went all the way. The results indicated that the proximity of the volunteer to the person administering the shock and the volunteer to whom the shock was being administered to greatly influenced obedience. The increase in distance increased obedience, while the decrease in the distance, decreased obedience amongst the volunteers.

Aside from this the location of the experiment also effect the level of obedience, the prestigious nature of the institution, Yale, resulted in a higher level of obedience, while otherwise the obedience level would have been much lower. Moreover, the presence of the Milgram in the vicinity where the experiment as being undertaken also affected the level of obedience, his presence resulted in higher obedience, while his absence decreased the level of obedience. “The variable that most reduced obedience, however, was the presence of an example of defiance.  In this scenario, you see a fellow volunteer refuse to shock anyone before the start of the experiment.  This reduces full compliance to 10 %.  Again, the presence of a “non-conformist” has a powerful effect!” (Boeree, 1999)

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Essay: Analysis of Milgram’s study on Social Behavior
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