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The rationale for selecting Canada as a prospective region for operations for the Oilpec Inc Company was based on the strategic and risk analysis of the region.

This analysis provided that the economy of the region is a fast growing one which is supported by the incrementing Canadian dollar and the increased economic activity. Moreover inCanadathere is no currency restrictions placed on the repatriation of funds. Thus, in some cases, the repatriation may have tax consequences. InCanada, exchange rates are stable, so a foreign company will avoid these risks

The policies of the region specific to immigration have allowed the country to have access to skilled people resources. Additionally while the crude oil sector in the region has a competitive industry, this allows new companies to enter in the market as by lowering barriers to entry. Additionally the legal environment is favorable for international companies, as Canada is a US oriented country with strong cultural and economic relations with the USA partners. This enables businesses form the United States to establish them selves in Canada with relative ease.

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Essay: Analysis of Oilpec Inc Company
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