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The situation analysis of the company is conducted through a SWOT analysis which highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


The Starbucks Company has a strong brand image which contributes to most of its success and popularity in the market. The strong image and positioning of the brand of Starbucks in the market is derived through consistency of service quality and high product quality standards. It enables the company charge premium prices for its products. Other strengths of the company include the robust financial performance of the company and the large scale of international and well as global operations of the Starbucks Company.


The weaknesses that plague the company pertain to the weak compliance function which has led to several legal proceedings. The other weaknesses the company has include low level of productivity from the employees and a limited / narrow mix of products primarily based on coffee and coffee based products.


The opportunities that are available to the company pertain to the entrance of the company into new and emerging markets like China, India and UAE. The Hear music label can enable the company to form relationships and alliances with musicians and artists. The market for specialty coffees has been increasing and the strong line of specialty coffees by Starbucks can enable the company to attain a large share of the market.

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Essay: Analysis of Strategic Factors of Starbucks
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