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The book provides insight into the history of the modern American society and what factors have contributed to structuring it. The reprehensive attitudes of the Native Americans

and The African Americans against the White population in America can be understood in the light of the book while the issues being faced by the migrant workers from Asia and South Americain the United Statespresently can also be comprehended. A lot of the issues that are highlighted by Wyle in the book are still present in the modern American society as they have their roots firmly set in history. the problems faced by the south Asians and South East Asians pertaining to employment and social life in theUnited Statesis characteristic of the treatment that the Irish got after their migration. Similarly the African Americans while have been decreased independent citizens with their own rights, while discrimination against them has been made illegal, the [perceptions and attitudes of many towards the African Americans remain the same affecting their judgement.

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Essay: Analysis of Susan Wyle’s Book
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