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Aside from this childcare has also been made more convenient for families who have time schedule problem by making it possible for them to drop in and enrol their children and through the provision of onsite child care services at their own homes.The research in the field of human and child development has revealed that the most significant development in the humans occurs when they are preschool children as depicted by the Perry Preschool program. The Perry Preschool program which was conducted by the Ypsilanti was an intervention program that managed to increase the future long term academic performance as well as  managed their acting out behavior of the at the adolescent age by providing them with proper education at the preschool age (Durlak, 1997, p73). A research conducted by Campbell, Miller-Johnson, Burchinal and Ramey provided that “preschool cognitive gains accounted for a substantial portion of treatment differences in the development of reading and math skills. Intensive early childhood education can have long-lasting effects on cognitive and academic development.” (Campbell et al, 2001)

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Essay: Analysis of the Organisation of Child Care
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