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The limitations of the current legislature available against discrimination make it impossible to only rely on it. As a result grass root level development and awareness programs have to be invested in by the government where the different groups of the UK citizens are provided information pertaining to their basic rights and how the law protects them against discrimination based on race, gender, and disabilities. Simultaneously the Anti Discrimination Act also needs to be revised in order to provide for effective implementation of the law and addressing the issue of increased discrimination reports in the UK. “Due to these limitations in the dominant approach to discrimination in UK law, positive action to redress discrimination in employment or public life is often declared illegal. There is a common misconception that EU law may restrict the scope for positive action. However, many legal experts believe the opposite is the case – that there is much more scope for positive action under international law, most directly, under European Union Directives, and that UK law is not taking full advantage of this.”(‘Discrimination’, 2006, p5)

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Essay: Anti-Discriminatory Act; is it Really Needed?
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