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Product replenishment in the fashion retail industry is a crucial business activity pertaining to replacing and stocking the shelf space with new merchandize as quick as possible to keep the customers satisfied. RFID technology can enable fashion retailers to have a reliable product replenishment function by ensuring timely delivery of mechanize to the retail stores and allowing the retailer to track the progress of their goods in real time.

RFID use in the fashion retail sector provides te retailers with a chance to integrate supply with their suppliers. Through integrated suppliers the retailer is not responsible for the management of the product inventory as it is handled by the integrated supplier. The integration of the supply and procurement system using RFID technology enables the fashion retailer to synchronize production of the suppliers with the demand that they face in the stores for their product lines leading to elimination of wastage and synchronization of production. The RFID technology implementation also allows the fashion retailers to automate store ordering and product replenishment for its product lines by informing the supplier in real time of any products that need to be replenished in the immediate future this reducing the need and the costs associated with management of inventory.

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Essay: Applicability of RFID
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