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The concepts of theToyotaproduction System are also being employed by companies operating in highly diverse and differentiated industries like hotel management, hospital and health care management as well as retail management. This is mostly due the fact the basis of the Toyota Production System is on the sociological and technological elements which come into play when coordination and communication needs to be employee in a business process for collaboration of business activities.  “In this light, TPS can be a powerful intervention technique, even in industries unaccustomed to advanced production techniques such as the healthcare industry. Because the healthcare industry is under enormous pressure to reduce costs, increase reliability and quality, and enhance organizational effectiveness, TPS-like interventions are significant to healthcare organizations.” (Collins & Muthusamy, 2007)

Another business function where the Toyota Production System can be used is in the management of the supply chain. The just in time approach to inventory management , the continuous flow of operations and controls employed for ensuring high quality at all levels of production can be morphed to manage the supply chain operations in a similar manner. By employing Toyota Production System principles in the management of supply china, the high costs of finished goods inventory would be greatly reduced, and the element of excess production of automobiles will also be avoided.

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Essay: Applications of Toyota production System
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