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Through the Asch experiment the factors effecting conformity were identified. The specific factors that were affecting the conformity of the individual were many however some of them have been briefly discussed in the following section. The need for social respect by the individuals and to avoid seeming weird or different form groups tends to make people conform to the different roles as put forward by the society.

Aside from this informational conformity also takes place when the individuals have knowledge about the group and tends to make use of it while conforming to better fit the group. Aside from this the age and the mental capability of a person also effects the conformity of the individuals to different social roles. People who are mature and highly developed in terms of their values tend not to conform easily while young individuals in a group tend to conform to the group based social roles much more quickly. Surprisingly the group size does not affect the conformity of an individual as through research it has been determined that individuals can conform for groups of small numbers as well as for groups of large numbers. Aside from this an interesting factor which further promotes conformity is the genetic disposition of a particular individual to conform to the group’s social roles. One of the factors however which can aid individuals in resisting conformity is the social support that is provide to them.

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Essay: Asch’s Experiment on Social Behavior
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