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The health care system in Australia is founded on the basis that it is made accessible to everyone in the region with an equal right to avail the medical care facility. The Australian government has been able to establish equality of access and dissemination of the health care service to the masses by signing up with Medicare.As of 1984, Medicare a healthcare insurance coverage provider, in collaboration with the Australian government “provides universal coverage for citizens, permanent residents, and visitors from countries which have reciprocal arrangements with Australia” (‘The Health Care System and Health Policy in Australia’, 2008) The main purpose of this policy is to provide the masses of the region with universal access to the health care facilities being provided in the public sector. However the individuals in the public are free to choose from private healthcare establishments as well.

“Recent comparative evidence from OECD countries suggests that Australia’s mixed public–private health system does a good job in ensuring high and fairly equal access to doctor, hospital and dental care services.” (Van Doorslaer, et al, 2008) This result however is comparative in terms of the health care system and the policy of the OECD countries and the country of Australia.

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Essay: Australian Health Care System
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