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The health policy in Australia is focused on striving to provide the masses with a quality healthcare system which is cost effective in terms of the treatment,

the provision of medicine and drugs as well as providing health education. IN order to control costs and make the system available to everyone, the government has signed collaboration suits with the pharmaceuticals whereby the drugs provided by the health care system to the public are accessed for their safety, usability, and their effectiveness in terms of functionality as well as their cost effectiveness. “Medicines and pharmaceuticals are directly subsidized by the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). The PBS provides subsidies for about 600 kinds of drugs in nearly 1,500 formulations. Additional drugs are added when assessed as meeting safety, quality, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness criteria. Most people are required to make a co-payment for subsidized pharmaceuticals.” (‘The Health Care System and Health Policy in Australia’, 2008) The health care system for Australia is effective in terms of the services provide to the people, the access the masses have to the system and the process by which it is funded.

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Essay: Australian Health Care System’s Effectiveness
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