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Health care is one of the most significant contributors to the GDP for Australia, averaging at 8.5% of the GDP for the country. Aside from this it is one of the most skill intensive fields. The Australian also tends to utilize their medical facilities, the doctors and the hospitals, on a recorded highly statistical basis. This makes the investment of the government of Australia efficient in the health care policy and system for the region.

Over the period of years through observation and research, it has been determined that the efficiency of a healthcare system is highly dependent on the funding of the health service by public funds, as opposed to funding it with  public funds or by subsiding the private service to make it accessible to the masses. The healthcare system in Australia is different as it tends to make use of both methods; employing the funds generated form taxes as well as the government revenues and funds for improving public health care while also subsidizing the private health care for making it accessible to the general public. The efficiency of the Australian healthcare system however lies with the accessibility it provides to the general public, the low cost of availing the health care facilities, the well developed health care system as well as in the skilled workforce involved in the Australian health care sector and the healthcare system.

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Essay: Australian Health Care System’s Efficiency
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