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The Australian health care system is based on the coordination of the different entities which form the public health care system in the region. These entities pertain to the skilled staff, the doctors and physicians, the health care providers, the government as well as Medicare.

The health care system in Australia revolves around the associations, the inter-relationships and the interactions of the mentioned groups with each other to form an effective and an efficient health care system for the public.

The skilled staff pertains to the technicians, assistants, suppliers, delivery people as well as the nurses. It is an important component of the health care system as it provides support to the system and provides the bulk of the service availed form the system by the public. The Australian government has implemented specific measures by which it provides incentives as well as remuneration for the skilled staff enrolled in the public health care system. The government has extensively invested in acquiring, training and maintaining the resource of the skilled staff for the health care facilities under its health care system by being cost effective as well as promoting the health care profession. As a result the health care sector forms about 8.5 percent of the contribution to the GDP for Australia

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Essay: Australian Health Care System’s Inter-relationships
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