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The literature review has revealed the Japanese philology of kaizen, kanban and waste management through JIT and continuous improvement has enabled theToyotamotor company to be efficient in any environment. TheToyotamotor company has been successful in establishing itself in theFar Eastand Asian region for the quality, the timely delivery and the customization that their mass produced cars provided to the customers. However the company has been operating outsideJapansince 1960s as well as even in the different geographical locations where the tradition and culture is much different from that ofJapan. This depicts that the organizational culture and innovations through information technology as well as changes made in the attitudes of the people can result in the efficient production in the company and its operation based functions.

A survey was conducted to highlight the major supply chain issues faced by automobile companies in the southernUSA. The survey provided the issues in terms of the demographics as well as the JIT characteristics and the problems faced by the automobile manufacturers. The Tennessee and Alabama base companies have used theĀ  just in time approach to supply china management but due to cultural differences between the Japanese and the Americans as well as the improper comprehension and implementation of the just in time technique, the automobile companies in the region have been facing problems

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Essay: Automotive Industry and Waste Management
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