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The automotive industry is often faced with the issues pertaining to the unavailability of the logistic service providers in the market. The manufactures, the dealers as well as the vendors and the suppliers that operate in the industry are heavily dependent on the role played by the logistic transportation service providers, who are responsible for proving transportation services for the goods and provide tracking facilities to the concerned parties. However the unreliability of the transport logistics in the industry often raises problems pertaining to higher costs of the parties involved and losses being included by the dealers, the manufactures, and the vendors and suppliers to the non delivery or untimely delivery of the goods. With the establishment of a proper industry for logistics management specifically depicted to the automotive industry sector, the industry can take advantage of lean operation, Toyota Production System and a coherent supply chain management.

Through the use of the supply chain model and the value chain model for the automobile manufacturers are taking advantage of their involvement in the after market area. The advancement in the technology has enabled the automobile manufactures to go ahead and take some of the operation they used to rely on the dealer and distributors for into their own hands. These operations pertain to the distribution of the finished goods into the market and proving the buyers ion the market with the after sales service. This allows the automobile companies to come into contact with the customers and better comprehend as well as determine their future needs.

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Essay: Automotive Industry prone to Future Threats
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