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The BA609 tilt rotor is a revolutionary aircraft that flies like a strong helicopter with the strength, the flying capacity and the distance of a small airplane or a jet.The Aircraft has been developed by the Bell Augusta Group which is also launching a tiltrotor advanced model for it in 2011. The BA609 is best suited to short hall to medium hall travel with the comfort of a plan but the flexibility and the handing of a helicopter. The tilting rotor feature of the BA609 allows it to ascend vertically akin to a helicopter while the tilting function of the rotor allows the BA609 to fly like a traditional airplane matching its speed as well. “The BA609 will cruise at 275 knots with a maximum un-refueled range of 750 nautical miles, 1,000 nautical miles with auxiliary fuel tanks. The aircraft in standard configuration is fully pressurized and de-iced.” (‘Bell/Agusta Achieves Civil Tiltrotor Milestone Mates Wing and Fuselage for First Prototype BA 609’, 2000)

Training to fly the tiltrotor has to be received at the facility that is specifically set up atFortKnox. Additionally pilots who can be licensed to fly the BA609 have to get the FAA pilot certificate with emphasis in the Powered Lift segment. The capacity of the aircraft is to seat between six to nine people. “The six to nine passenger aircraft has market applications for corporate businesses, offshore operators and government customers.” (‘BA609 gets into airplane mode’, 2005) The aircraft is most suitable for use by the Army, rescue and medic forces (Proctor, 1999) as well as for vertical lift commuting between dense metropolitan cities that see a high level of traffic for short hall.

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Essay: BA-609 & Tiltrotor
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