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The global automobile industry takes into account the region of the Americas pertaining to the Caribbean and the South America, as well as North America,Europe, and Asia Pacific. Majority of the operations of the companies in the automobile sector are concentrated inAmerica, Europe andAsia. The types of automobiles that are included in the finished products being manufactured in the industry pertain to two wheeler, four wheelers as well as twelve, sixteen and eighteen wheelers. The types of cars are very diverse in terms of their size, the value added functionality they provide to the user as well as the size and shape in which they are manufactured.

  “The automobiles industry is made up from the automobile manufacturers sector and the motorcycles market. The automobile manufacturers market consists of the sale of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The passenger car segment is valued at retail selling price (RSP) and the light trucks segment at manufacturers selling price (MSP). The motorcycles market consists of all classes of on- and off-road motorcycles including scooters and mopeds, valued at MSP.” (‘Automobiles Industry Profile: Global’, 2008) The mythology and production approach that are employed by the companies in order to manufacture the finished automotive vehicle is also very significantly diverse and different amongst the industry leaders. Over the period of years however the companies have been sharing and adopting the best practices of operating in the automatable industry which has lead to standardization of operations in limited functions of the business

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Essay: Background Information on Automobile Industry
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