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The Estee Lauder Companies are based in theUnited Statesand are considered as one of the largest conglomerates in the field of beauty and personal care around the world. The Estee Lauder Company was founded by a woman named Estee Lauder in 1946 with “four products and an unshakeable belief: that every woman can be beautiful. Today, more than 60 years later, that simple notion has literally changed the face of the beauty business” (‘About Estee Lauder: Estee Lauder, the woman a life of beauty’, 2009).

The Estee Lauder manufactures and sells multiple personal care products that include shampoos, perfumes cosmetics, skin care and hair care products as well as beauty treatment products. The brand names that fall under the Estee Lauder Companies include the bid brand names like Clinique, Aveda, Aramis, M.A.C, American Beauty and Flirt. The company sells it products to the customers through multiple channels of distribution that include the specialty stores, departmental stores, retail outlets, as well as pharmacies and more recently the innovative and technology based world wide web. The company was a privately owned company until 1995 when it became a publicly held group of companies.

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Essay: Background of Estee Lauder Companies
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