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The Jonestown region was established in the 1970s as part of an agricultural community located in the Jungle near Port Kaituma. The population of the community was entirely made up of the followers of the cult by Jim Jones which at its strongest strength was at 1000. The Jonestown settlement was a constrained society being controlled by the cult leader Jim Jones.

The oppression on the members of the Peoples Temple by Jim Jones himself pertained to making them work in 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, proving them with measly meals of rice and beans, while Jones himself consumed meats, fruits, soft drinks, & eggs etc, which were not allowed to the members of the cult. Aside from this the members of the cult were also administered heavy duty drug s like Thorazine, Sodium Pentathol, Demerol and Valium under strict supervision to control the behavior of the people. As a result the settlement was riddled with the diseases such as high fever and diarrhea. Aside form all this the people also forced with punishment as a form of disciplinary action. These punishments pertained to solitary confinement in small wooden boxes, making children spend nights at the bottom of wells as well s handing people upside down. Moreover those who tried to escape the place were incapacitated through the administration of strong drugs and medicines, while Jones hired armed guards to patrol the area bordering the establishment in order to restrict the people in the settlement only.

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Essay: Background of Jonestown
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