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The company Short-Hall Airlines is formed in March 2009. The company is currently in the initial stages of its start up and therefore is gathering finance and funding for its operations through and initial public offering. The company will be having its offices mainly located inNew Yorkwith its regions of operations being restricted to the states ofNew YorkandWashington. With the expansion of the businesses, the operations can increase to the neighbouring states as well.

The company has been conceived by Mr. K however the ownership of the company does not belong to him. Instead the shareholders of the company would be the actual owners with 20,000,000 common stock of which 100,000 belong to the director of the company and the rest to be floated in the market over a period of 10-20 years through IPOs. The management of the company as well as its board of directors would be having a share in the stock of the company which they will ear on the basis of their productivity and their contribution towards the success of the company.

                As mentioned earlier the start up financing of the company would be acquired though the IPO offering worth 70 Million. The routes on which the flights and charters would be running in the first year of operations would be limited to the cities ofNew York,Philadelphia,Washington,New JerseyandBaltimore. Flights to and fromManhattantoNew YorkandWashingtonwould also be a main feature of the operations of the company in the first few years.

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Essay: Background of Short-Hall Airlines
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