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The backlashes and the threats that can be expected from such a loyalty card program pertain to the loss of privacy for the customer as they provide sensitive information pertaining to their profile as well as their credit history and their credit cards.Aside from this the chance of cyber crime taking place in the form of stolen credit card based identities and numbers of the customers is also present. In order to protect the customer as well as the against this the company can provide the facility of having a prepayment facility on the loyalty cards, whereby the customers can store a prepaid limit on the card or the purpose of purchasing from company on the internet medium. This would provide the customers security as well as protect the company against lawsuits.

            Other concerns for the loyalty card scheme pertain to falsely highlighting the satisfaction level of the customers, the high costs of promotions and maintenance of the loyalty card, misleading information being provided by the customers as well as loss of profits due to low sales and increased expenses of financing the loyalty card strategy as well as the supporting loyalty programs.

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Essay: Backlash & Concerns
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