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In the balanced scorecard approach the financials section provides a tool for the management to assess the performance of the company in terms of profits and revenues and uses financial indicators to check for the affects the innovation in the company are having on the operations, profitability and the productivity of the company.The cost efficiency is highlighted in this section. The first section of the balances scorecard analysis deals with the financial evaluation of the company. For the Anheuser Busch Company the operating cash flow before the changes was $2,520.6. The ratio of cash flow to total debt was 32.7 percent in the year 2006. The return on Investment for the company was at 17.6 percent for 2007. Additionally the return on the capital investment for the company amounted to 12.4 percent while the return on equity of the company however was recorded at 59.1 percent for the Anheuser Busch Company for 2007. The Cash per Share was recorded at $0.41, the Cash Flow per Share was at $4.21 and the Free Cash Flow per Share was at $1.45 in 2007. Additionally the Price/Cash Flow Ratio for the company was at 12.1 and the Price/Free Cash Flow Ratio was at 35.3 for 2007

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Essay: Balanced Scorecard Approach by Anheuser Busch
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