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The main reason as to why the balanced scorecard technique was employed to assess the performance of the Anheuser-Busch company was to identify the actual performance of the company and not just its financial productivity. The size of the company is colossal; as a result it is possible for the company to depict high level of revues and operation activity due to the large scale of operations. The balanced score card technique is one of the many performance evaluation techniques that is employed by businesses to manage the strategic operations and decision-making in the company. The aim of the balances score card technique is the simplification of the performance of the company in terms of the strategic factors of importance. This puts focus on the specific sectors of the business which nee improvement in regards to their performance. “Its emphasis is on the association of CPM and its high expectations with a generic application component representation and the elaboration on some underlying business intelligence (BI) technologies.” (Viaene & Willems, 2007) The balanced scorecard technique is “a simple but powerful technique that offers both improved competitiveness and an end to short termism. Companies such as Apple, Intel, Brown & Root and National Westminster Bank are using balanced scorecards to manage their companies.” (Newing, 1994)

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Essay: Balanced Scorecard Technique Assessing Anheuser-Busch
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