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The main barriers that arise for change specific to adoption of new technology for the implementation e-procurement pertain to internal barriers. Research has provided “that the internal barriers impeded e-integration more than either upstream supplier barriers or downstream customer barriers” (Frohlich, 2002)

Some of the internal barriers which may arise pertain to the lack of ownership for the project, fear about the quality of the new system, insufficient and incorrect knowledge about the system, lack of proper technology and human resources for the implementation, roll out and employment of the e-procurement system as well as the current/ legacy system from which the data needs to be migrated to the new system. The most important barriers however is the commitment and the attitude of the management towards the e-procumbent system implementation in the business. “There is a need for education for all SME management on the benefits and drawbacks to using e-business solutions. Inter-organizational information systems that are required to link supply chain partners can be a serious barrier to online solutions. There is a significant dependency among supply chain partners in decisions on adopting online links. Flexibility, agility and ability of SMEs can help them to use partial e-business solutions for low volumes of business, but this approach can be very ineffective when transaction volumes are large.” (Archer et al, 2008)

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Essay: Barriers to Change
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