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The advantage of the continuous improvement approach is that it is a long term and incrementally evolving concept which can be used in a dynamic environment.Aside from this it focuses on monitoring results, making further changes and then monitoring results again for any more improvements that can be made, thereby employing control and command simultaneously to the business processes Large scale organizations also can operate in a similar manner as the smaller and much more flexible and dynamic organizations by employing continuous improvement strategies. The other benefits that are attained from the continuous improvement approach pertain to differentiation in the market, reduced costs from better and leaner business processes and the competitive advantage through reduced wastage and time required for manufacturing and delivery of products as well as services.

Through the above depicted information is has been determined that it is better to aim for continuous improvement rather than simple quality control as the continuous improvement approach is more long term and can be utilized in diverse and differentiated environments. Moreover the cyclical nature of the continuous improvement approach makes the businesses improve itself time and again resulting in a highly strategically aligned business which is able to minimize its losses and costs and therefore achieve higher profits through operation and investment. Quality control only aims at seeking out discrepancies and rejects while continuous improvement is much better and aims at incrementally improving the process and the outputs.

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Essay: Benefits and Advantages Of Quality Control
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